Information for Delegates Traveling to Lome, Togo
Getting to Lomé 
Lomé  (LFW) is served by daily flights from Paris on Air France, Brussels Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and Royal Air Maroc.  Lome-based regional carrier Asky Airlines connects from 22 destinations in West and Central Africa.

Ethiopian Airlines is offering a discounted rate for travel to Lomé using the link below and the the promo code of AGO17.

ASKY Airlines is also offering 15% off of business and economy class tickets.  To access this discount, please take your registration confirmation to an ASKY ticket office.
Visas/Airport Arrival

It is recommended that you obtain a visa from the Togolese Embassy/Consulate prior to your departure.  If you are unable to obtain a visa before your travel, visas are available upon arrival at the airport in Lome. The Government of Togo has declared that it will give courtesy visas to all AGOA Forum participants, both for visas issued at its embassies and upon arrival in Lomé. You must bring a copy of your AGOA Forum registration confirmation email to show the immigration agent. Air travel to or from Lomé will require proof of yellow fever immunization to board a flight.


Yellow fever -Togo requires all travelers to present proof of yellow fever vaccine upon arrival at the airport.
Malaria - According to the CDC, a high risk of malaria exists in all parts of Togo. Travelers should talk to their doctor about medicines they can take to minimize the risk, and other steps they can take to prevent malaria. More information about malaria and other travel health concerns can be found on the CDC website:

Travelers should bring with them any prescription medicines they may need.  Outside of the U.S., the formulation and dosage of prescription drugs can differ significantly, and some medicines cannot be found in any formulation.  Expired, counterfeit and mislabeled medicines are prevalent in Togo.  The best advice for any traveler is bring what you will need.

Visitors sometimes experience “Togo tummy”-- diarrhea, vomiting, etc.  To avoid it, drink only bottled water.  Don't consume food from street vendors.  Avoid unpasteurized milk and dairy products (including ice cream), raw or undercooked meat, shellfish, moist food at room temperature such as sauces and buffet offerings.  Bring Imodium and oral rehydration salts to treat symptoms.

The Government of Togo has designated 27 hotels in Lome as AGOA Forum “partner” hotels.  The hotels cover a range of quality and price.  You may find the list of hotels on the AGOA Forum 2017 website and the AGOA Forum Accreditation website
The Government of Togo will operate regular shuttle buses between the AGOA Forum partner hotels and the conference site at the Radisson Blu 2 Fevrier Hotel.

U.S. Embassy Lomé Contacts
For emergencies:
U.S. Embassy Post One +228-2261-5470, then dial 0 or x4403
U.S. Embassy Duty Officer cell +228-9025-8478
U.S. Embassy switchboard during business hours: +228-2261-5470
Public website:
The U.S. Department of State encourages U.S. citizens to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) prior to traveling overseas.

 Conference Site/Local Transportation
All AGOA Forum sessions will take place at the Radisson Blu and in buildings adjacent to the Radisson compound.  All venues are within a 5 minute walk from the hotel. 
Radisson Blu 2 Fevrier Hotel
Place de L'indépendence
BP 131, Lomé, Togo
Phone: +228 22 23 86 00
The Government of Togo will run regular shuttle buses to and from the “Made in Togo” Fair, an exhibition of local products that will take place concurrently with the AGOA Forum.  The Fair will take place at the “Lomè 2000” fairground, approximately 20 minutes by bus from the Radisson.

Participants in the AGOA Private Sector and Civil Society Forums can collect their credentials at the Togo Ministry of Foreign Affairs office beginning August 4, 2017. (see map location below).
Togo Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AGOA Forum credential pick-up point)

Located on the Place des Martyrs, across from the Ministry of Commerce and the railway station, approximately 3 blocks east of the Radisson Blu hotel (AGOA Forum conference site)


Safety and Security
The U.S. Department of State ranks Lomé critical for crime, but the area around the Radisson is safe for walking in daylight.  Travelers should use the same precautions as in any large city to stay safe: dress down in public, do not flash cash or wear expensive jewelry on the street, avoid dark streets.
Visitors should avoid walking along the beach and the beach road in the city, where muggings and purse snatchings have been known to occur. (Beach resorts outside of town are safe).  Visitor should also avoid the area around the Ghana border on the beach road, which is a high crime area.  Be mindful of pickpockets if you visit the central market (“grand marché”) and go with a friend or colleague.  Some vendors can be aggressive.
Taxis are unregulated and are frequently in poor mechanical condition.  It is a good idea to go with a colleague in a taxi and to negotiate the fare before departing.  Visitors should not ride motorcycle taxis.
Cell phones and Internet
Togo has two mobile phone operators, Togocel and Moov.  Travelers can access voice and text via roaming.  E-mail can be accessed via wifi.  The Government of Togo will offer free wifi throughout the AGOA Forum venues.
French is the official language of Togo.  Some Togolese speak a little English, but are seldom comfortable using it.

Lomè is well known for its many excellent restaurants, and Togolese have a well-deserved reputation across West Africa as excellent chefs.  You can find many reviews and photos on Google at  and TripAdvisor at